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Songs Guaranteed To Get You Laid - Golden Oldies


This is the fifth in a series of romantic mood songs in various genres. I mean the title only half ironically. There will be more to come. I'm trying to keep these at approximately album length. The rest of the description is in the comments.

16 tracks
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The couple is young but planning their future. He pinned her a few weeks before the Junior Prom, nearly a year ago. Everyone knows they are a couple. It's written in stone. He wants to go all the way, but she has stopped him at second most of the time, allowing infrequent visits to third. She tells him she wants to wait for marriage but in all honesty she doesn't want to get pregnant like her older sister, who was forced to quit school. It'll be soon though and they can begin their lives. He's been promised a job at the factory, a good union job. They've saved a little money and will be able to get an apartment. They haven't told their parents but that won't be a problem. Marriage isn't just in the cards, it's been dealt, and the bets have been placed.