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You're Looking At Country - Real Music For Real People


If the second part of the mix name sounds a little douchey, it was only added because, apparently, you can't use the title of the first song as the title of the mix; no matter how much it fits. Hell, even the picture of Loretta is perfect. I added a paragraph in the comments to set the scene a little bit.

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You're on M-115 just pulling into Cadillac. It's the first day of your vacation. You've been drivin for three hours with an hour and a half to go before you reach Traverse City, your first destination. The kids are restless and a quick stop is in order. You pull into a truckstop that you've seen on past excursions but never actually patronized. You don't need gas and long as the bathroom functions, you really don't care where you stop. Everybody needs something to drink. You grab pops for everybody and head towards the cashier when something catches your eye. It's a little display of CDs. For some reason (you want to torture the kids actually) old country sounds like a good idea. The cover model is hot and the track list is fantastic. You add it to your purchases and when you get out to the car and leave, the last part of the drive will fly by.