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Meditation by a Lonely Pool Vol.3


Continuing on my ever popular series of deep trance/ambient music, Volume 3 offers the listener the highs and lows of Trance/Ambient. Sit back relax, let yourself go... enjoy the ambient ride...

10 tracks
5 comments on Meditation by a Lonely Pool Vol.3

I don't really find this enjoyable or relaxing, but if it does it for you - great! Such is life, such is music.

Thanks deeeveeeg! If it's one thing I have a huge collection of, it's this type of music. Glad everyone is enjoying it!

01. Send and Receive - Tycho
02. All Through the Night - Emancipator
03. Light My White Candle, Keep Me safe - ACX
04. Alone - Jaia
05. Le Dernier Voyage - Asura
06. Lysistrata (Album Edit) - Aes Dana
07. On The Shores of the High Priestess - Sky
08. Scared - Mental Minority
09. A Constellation of Fictitious Suns - Low Orbit Drift
10. Avalon - Amethystium