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Meditation By A Lonely Pool Vol.5


Volume 5: Deeper Auditory Landscaping.

It's been over a year since I last published a new volume for this ongoing series of Mixes. Dig deeper into my Trance/Ambient/Chill collection to uncover some hidden gems.

As always, the best atmosphere to truly enjoy this mix is some place quiet or with a great pair of ear/headphones.

18 tracks
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01. Blush Response (Intro) - Vangelis
02. Replicant - Sync24
03. Gone...Beyond - Byron Metcalf/Mark Seeling/Steve Roach
04. Gradual Awakening - Danna & Clement
05. The Abyss Of Time - Alpha Wave Movement
06. Fog - Eastern Spirit
07. Twilight Traveller - Teja Bell/Sky Canyon/Dallas Smith/Robert
08. Sea Of Breath - A Produce
09. Held together by Gravity - Carbon Based Life Forms
10. Lamentation - Delerium
11. Spherical Harmonic - Cygna
12. One Step Behind - Hol Baumann
13. Audio Deepest Night - Cell
14. Light Curve - Vir Unis
15. Getsemani - Asura
16. Aerolith - Between Interval
17. A Seated Night (Ambient Version) - Moby
18. On The Shores of the High Priestess - Sky