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All Night Long Babe

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Imagine going to a party just sitting and talking to your friends while listening to ‘L.A Story’ but you kept feeling someone staring at you but tried to ignore it
Then the second song comes on so a boy comes up to you asking if you wanted to dance in a seductive voice but you say no so he just laughs lightly and whispers in your ear "Asking was just a courtesy" and gently forces you to dance with him but it was just grinding.
The 6th song starts and that's when you started getting into it so you started putting in your own sexy moves only to turn around and end up kissing him at the end of the song taking him by surprise since you didn't want to dance with him in the first place.
The seventh song begins to play and you guys continue dancing before as he leans over as the song ends and whispers in your ear again "Come with me" and pulls you upstairs since this was his place anyway.
You guys walk up the stairs to Demi Lovato when he pushes you up against the wall kissing you roughly right when the chorus started and grinding up against you and you guys moan together all the way up to his room which he's never taken any girl in before but you were something special.
You could hear SoMo playing downstairs as you guys made it to his bed locking the door behind you guys then suddenly his attitude changes from wanting to fuck you senseless into the mattress to just wanting to make love to/with you.
So you guys make love to SoMo, Ed Sheeran and Parachute
You guys fell asleep after but you woke up watching him sleep for a bit but then you got out of bed and left right as he woke up feeling heart broken that you left without a goodbye, number, or any trace that you were ever there except a messy bed.
He sighed pulling out his ipod listening to Parachute and RonPope just thinking about you... the first girl he's made love to... the first girl he felt like he had feelings for.. the girl who was special to him.the girl who was special to him.