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The Frozen Utopia


A mix for the mysterious cities in the far north, submerged in the ice. (Partially inspired by the children's novel "First Light" by Rebecca Stead, which has a colony of persecutec people with supernatural abilities which is hidden under the ice and is one of the coolest settings I can imagine.)
The cover art was found here:,1-inny-fantasy-8-os-mo%C5%BCe-romans-komedia.htm , I wish I could tell you the artist's name, but this is the next best thing.

  • "Once Upon A Time In America" Soundtrack by Cockeye's Song
  • Jeff Beal Storm's Coming by Mortavius
  • Ainsi soit-je by Mylène Farmer
  • Bläck by Garmarna
  • Abstract Walls by Winter Voices
  • Byssan lull, koka kittelen full by Vidia Wesenlund
  • Memories Of Green (Blade Runner) by Vangelis
  • Transistor Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb
  • Opium by Dead Can Dance
9 tracks
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