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✩ ✩made of stars✩ ✩


a mix for our favorite star child, as he deals with trying to stay happy for his family. Songs from musicals to map out Steven's personality and his journey.
Mix 1/?? for Steven Universe characters and Broadway songs - will possibly add more songs -

11 tracks
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Im commenting again cause i just love this!!! Like Oh MY GOD i love this playlist!!, like ive never heard about like half of these songs and ive listened to a LOT of musical playlists and wow it REALLY FITS!!! AND THEYRE REALLY CUTE!!! (i love you and your work k bye <3)

@xxsweetgrassxx Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! It's funny, I actually got inspired to make character playlists with musicals because I was inspired by your BatFamily lists!! ❤️❤️ You are such a sweetheart!! And that first song from Finding Neverland sounds EXACTLY like Steven too along with being super cute.

WOW THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! I /ADORE/ THE SONG CHOICES!!! that first song was actually so perfect~~ like it sounds like something that Steven would actually sing!!