42 comments on ace that exam. by crescendos

I always loved studying to music that gives you the feeling that you can do everything. This mix is all I could've ask for. Before I discovered it, I was just listening to the soundtrack of The Winter Soldier on an infinitve loop, so seeing the main track from this CD makes me very happy. Great work!

I absolutely love this playlist! Have been listening to it over and over again all semester long. However, the link for lana's dark paradise is no longer the instrumental version. I love both, but I think the instrumental is a better fit for this playlist :)

Thanks so much for creating this playlist! I had to rewrite an essay and was kind of stressing about it, but I put the playlist on and wrote solidly for an hour writing about as fast as I've ever written. I finished the essay at the end of the avengers theme tune and it felt AMAZING. Your playlist actually got me to work and feel good about it- it's fab :3