Is this playlist safe for work?

finish that essay bro.

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I had three math problems to do this morning and I'm not finished with the first couple of songs and I'm almost done. With other playlists it took forever.

idk if it's the "finish that essay bro" or the brilliant instrumental music, but i'm actually making progress on my coursework for once. thank you so much!

wow. that's all i can say! usually i get so distracted when i work and im really good at procrastinating so of course i left my 1,200 word essay to finish the night before it was due.. but i listened to this playlist while writing and i was able to write it in record time which is saying something because usually it takes me foreeeevvverrrr. thanks for creating this amazing and magical playlist and thanks for making such awesome youtube videos that motivate me so much :)

I have to correct a paper due today, and I had a week to make the proper adjustments, but of course, I only started this morning. This playlist is helping me focus, so thank you for this!