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lonely in a 7-11.


browsing the shelves of rice noodles and seeing something flicker over ur shoulder: was it just the fluorescent lighting?

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honestly this playlist feels like an old friend at this point and i’m so thankful that you made this?? i keep coming back to it, even tho i don’t use 8 tracks much anymore. if you could make a spotify playlist i would be forever grateful :-) anyways just wanted to show some appreciation. not sure if you still use this account.

honestly- sareena: you've changed my life. you inspire me to be a better person, a better student. i struggle with a lot of motivation issues partly due to my clinical depression [insert sunglasses emoji here] but everything you do just kinda helps sometimes? i love, i love your youtube channel, i love your 8tracks and everything you do. i honestly believe that you can do anything, because you have the mindset, and i don't think i know anyone as amazingly, inspirationally hardworking as you. everything you've done to help people get their lives together like actually studying and being organized is amazing and i look forward to the day that i see you in an amazing place. also: your taste in music is so lit. i love this mix. that is all