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Back to Back


"'Back to back...?' What's that? Do you mean to form a united front? Quincy and shinigami?!"
"Would there be any other meaning?"
-chapter 47

"...So you finally...woke up, huh...?"
"That wound...did I do that...?"
-chapter 353

"Don't worry. I'm on your side."
-chapter 458

"And if you can't understand where I'm coming from?"
"You know, smacking some goddamn sense into you is really starting to appeal to me right about now!"
"So whatever happens, you're still going to fight? What kind of answer is that?"
-chapter 660

" you really intend on staying behind here...?"
"Quit your babbling! Just hurry up and go! Relax...I have no intentions of having such mundane words be my last."
-chapter 661

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