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♚kings & queens♛


♈ᖺᙓ ᖇᗢᗰᗩﬡ | ❝ You pretended to disdain the "black potion", but you actually love it, hm? Just like you always did with me. And not only was I the most annoying of them, love, I was the one who made it between your legs. You must have loved that as much as you've loved your coffee. ❞

❝ You of all people should know that I do not take insults lightly. Watch your mouth. Offering you a horrendous death is but my only wish right now. It would be wise not to add more fuel to my rage. Your talent for war is true, but your personality is that of a rotting apple. ❞ | ♈ᖺᙓ ᗪᗩᙅᓰᗩﬡ

┌ -------------------------------------
✘ war ✘ hate ✘ sex ✘ angst
---------------------------------------- ┘

{ a roleplay-based playlist for the roman empire and dacia ( oc ) from hetalia }

18 tracks
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