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A Fixer's Lament (Or How a Lock and a Key Are Both Unnecessarily Complex)


Gold rushes to the head.
She's got an ear for dreaming,
and an eye for regret.
She hurts, but he's sorry.

Trapped in a shell.
He put it all on black for progeny's sake,
but the future is a thing of the past.
Sharp as a tack, but broken outside.

Sloppy smooches on the cheek.
She had plenty to share of heart and home.
It spread too quickly,
Then, darling, it took you away.

Smiles like a picture book.
She's got a love like seltzer,
and a fear of herself.
She left, she leaves, she's leaving.

It comes like rain.
And when it does,
you can choose to lament the blue in the sky,
or celebrate the love you've written.

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