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A Nail Through a Star


A fan soundtrack for my TEW RuSeb fic, A Nail Through A Star
Many thanks to Del for helping me with the cover art.

18 tracks
4 comments on A Nail Through a Star

I smiled when I heard this list, I have the same song from Snow Patrol on my playlist on spotify. But it is perfect to have some music to listen to when I read a good fic, normally I use my own playlist, but I think I will start to use this one as well, I like getting new songs to listen to at times :) One that I often listen to while reading you're fic is Disturbed - Your Mine, that songs so fitting in some dark twisted way.

Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, How to Destroy Angels, Smashing Pumpkins... I was so glad when I saw them in the list! I also felt them perfect for this universe, for this fic. As I said, awesome tracklist, thanks for it! Btw I usually listen 3 songs while reading your fic, they're kinda melancholic and slow, but I just really love their atmosphere: Boy Epic: Choke, Scars and Dear World.