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# Feet on the Ground x Angry Samoans
Album: STP Not LSD
# edit Dogbite x Natural Child
Album: Ep
# edit (Do The) Fuck Yourself x Nobunny
Album: First Blood
# edit You Don't Know Me x Gross Relations
Album: Fuzzy Timelines b/w You Don't Know Me 7"
# edit Money x Embrace
Album: Embrace
# edit White Lightning x Lowlife
Album: Leaders E.P. 7"
# edit She's A Babe x Hausu
Album: EP
# edit Ghost With A Boner x Diarrhea Planet
Album: ALOHA!
# edit Waste Of Time x The Stains
Album: Ladies And Gentlemen; The Fabulous Stains Soundtrack
# edit Nights On End x The Reactions
Album: Love You E.P. 7"
# edit Let's Pogo B4 U Gogo x Mean Jeans
Album: Are You Serious?
# edit Bitter Branches x PJ Harvey
Album: Let England Shake
# edit The Horse x Ring of Truth
Album: xccc
# edit There Is No Clean Fun x Head Of Skulls!
Album: You Became Your Mind
# edit No Way Out x Desperate Livin
Album: Album XYZ
# edit Real Estate x FLIGHT
Album: The Lead Riders EP
# edit Legion x Malerman/Owen
Album: Malerman/Owen
# edit Warpath (Edit) x Esben and the Witch
Album: Violet Cries
# edit First the Heart x Flipper
Album: Gone Fishin'
# edit Walking Wounded x Harems
Album: master
# edit I'm James Dean x Government Issue