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Hand That You Shoot With Vol. 3


Back with another G-House playlist!

House and Hip Hop fused together to bring your inner gangster out on the dance floor.

  • Monopoly (Original Mix) by Fernando Campo
  • B-Boy Stance (Jean Bacarreza Remix)[Sleazy G] by VooDooSon
  • One Step for Me by Various Artists
  • Honey Dip (Original Mix) by Treasure Fingers
  • No Type (INTERNET DAUGHTER REMIX) by Rae Sremmurd
  • Snap Chat (Out Nov 20th) * LouLou Records by Milkwish
  • The Young Soul (Original Mix) by Volac
  • Drop Me (Preview) [OUT NOW!] by Nappi
  • Bitch Bitch (Original Mix)(Preview) by Stylher
  • THE POWER! (Original Mix) OUT NOW!!! by Rob Made
  • Gangster Girls (Original Mix) :: Available Now! by S. Jay & Ostertag
  • Keep Down (Preview) [OUT NOW!] by Illusionize & Dash Groove
  • What U Gonna Do by The Beatangers
  • Girl (Original Mix) [Muzenga Recs] by L.O.O.P, Anderson Beher
  • Message ( Original Mix ) by Anderson Beher
  • Roll Out (Original Mix) [Lo Kik Recs] ''OUT NOW'' by L.O.O.P, Michel Godoy
  • Hands Up Ride (Tim Baresko & Simon Joannson Remix) by Illusionize
  • Tyga by Tyga
18 tracks