Is this playlist safe for work?


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i've been listening to this playlist on repeat for the past like 2 years oh my gosh. the weather's finally warming up where i am and the sun, combined with this playlist, has been making me feel Extra Gay and i'm a big fan frankly

really beautiful playlist !!! one of the first things i liked when i got my account tbh !! i like how there are a whole bunch of upbeat pop songs and then slower calming songs. its just nice. also, the cover of "need my girl" by linying is so great, and fantastic but i literally cant fin it anywhere? doesnt seem to b on youtube or soundcloud or anything, so if you dont mind me asking, i was just wondering where you found it?

@poeticfoxes it seems that she has taken it down from her youtube channel, however i do still have the audio file and can send it to you if you want? :) and thank you, it makes me so happy that you like this playlist!! x