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Possession // Obsession


"I want to take you. I want to break you. Skin you and hang you dripping vermilion across the floor. My lost little angel, I will take you by the hand and I will crown you, in snapping sinews and promises of love. And then I will seize you, strike home this brutal desire to its core, and you can sob, and you can beg, and you can gasp and cry and I will wipe away your tears, but you can do nothing in the end. And it can be violent, and it can be twisted, you pinned so tight beneath me, you strung up before me, but you’re caught, little lover, you’re mine. You are MINE."
--This Game We Play, theeventual winner (on ao3)

Original art:

{trigger warnings apply for disturbing themes in these songs, and for abuse in general}

9 tracks
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