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Power of Creation


The beginnings were slow and dark, dense like molasses and just as sweet. Everything was so much, everything was everywhere and all the time. The concept of eternity didn't exist yet. And the everything spread its arms and sang with colours, burst with light, everywhere becoming here and there, forever becoming now and before.

19 tracks
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perfect. simply perfect. i finished my paper tonight and jumped up in victory. the song ironically fit my feeling. love this playlist

What a wonderful list of music! It also sticks to the story you gave it. As for your - I'm old - screen name? All women have magic but are your really cruel?

This is my go-to playlist. Whenever I want to listen to something on 8tracks, it's this. This is one of the most stunning collections of music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. It evokes so many different emotions and makes the best writing music.