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Everything Kills You Nowadays;


"he can’t remember the last time he
felt this full and on fire.
the world is spinning like it’s
trying to run away, so he starts talking
to God in the parking lot.
God answers with a gust of wind
just gentle enough to knock him
to the ground, laughing like a child
who has just heard his first words.
he should probably get some help,
he thinks."

A early on development playlist for Princeton.

  • Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown) by AcrossTheUniverseOST
  • The Morning by amourlafleur
  • Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Nataly Dawn
  • The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
  • 06 The Ballad Of Love And Hate by Nroberts44
  • Locomotive (Honey I'm Home) by Alex Winston
  • The Mother We Share (Miaoux Miaoux remix) by CHVRCHES
  • Thrift shop/no diggity cover by World-Of-Music
  • Closing Time by Semisonic
9 tracks
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