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doomsday (2)


Powerful songs I imagine playing in a scene during a battle in TASM or TASM 2.

(1-5) in favor of both + vocals
(5-10) in favor of the hero + vocals
(11-18) in favor of the villain + vocals
(19-21) in favor of the villain + no vocals
(22-23) in favor of both + no vocals
(24- 25) in favor of the hero + no vocals

[cover doesn't belong to me, found on tumblr]

25 tracks
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I actually thoroughly enjoyed doomsday 1 and doomsday 2! I truly think these two are underrated electronic playlists, especially when I'd skipped none of them!

@armpithairsareuseless i greatly appreciate that you took the time to listen to both playlists, to be honest, i wasn't sure if dividing the playlist into two was a good idea... but i'm glad that you enjoyed the both of them! thank you so much for the feedback, it means a lot to me! ♡ :)