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i'm not a good person

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Topkek. As an optimist, I respectfully disagree with your position, though. It's impossible to be hurt so much that you can't be hurt more, even when pushed beyond the point of insanity. Whether or not the words and selfish actions of others hurts depends on you, and how you decide to take what happens. I've born that fake smile plenty of times, and all of my happiest ones have been on the days that I decided to forget faking confidence, extraversion, and social aptitude. Those days where I was unafraid to be myself, and was able to share genuine kindness with others or truly enjoy sitting outside on a beautiful day. There are a lot of bad things, ideas, and influences in the world, but there are also a lot of good ones. So, if you like, make that choice to focus on the good parts of the world, and take good things out of the bad things that happen. It doesn't have to happen all at once, but as you continue to notice and really appreciate the good things in life, it becomes a little easier to smile and really mean it when those "shit days" come around. Nowadays, the heavy depression over even the worst events won't last more than a week or two for me, but happiness over the good times in life lasts a lot longer. (=

@Somenclover i'm sorry but i don't quite understand. you disagree with the fact that i'm depressed? because that's my position. I don't quite understand how you can "Disagree" with that epsecially since this is not a self-diagnosis... I appreciate your help, but I don't think you understand that for some people, it's not a choice. I know, I know--it sounds strange, but that's just how some people are--that's just how I am. and If you "disagree" with that, I suggest you don't try and "fix" what you don't understand

@crykov @Somenclover I do appreciate this sentiment, but as I am assuming you are (very) neurotypical, it may be difficult for you to understand what goes on in the brain of someone with a mental illness. I currently am living in the upper middle class in a very privileged and loving family, with an entire future ahead of me. Simultaneously, I have also been diagnosed with moderately severe depression, dissociation, and severe anxiety. Sometimes depression can be caused by outside influences, while other times it can be caused by difficulties in the brain, or even hormones. When you're depressed, at least for me, it's almost as if you're under water. You feel slightly as if you're drowning in terrible emotions, and everywhere you look the depression (or water, if we're continuing the analogy) distorts everything you see. No matter how beautiful a day it is, it never makes its way too my head. I am getting treatment, I am taking medication, I am visiting a psychologist, but that doesn't change that most days I have a difficult time getting up. I really do appreciate your optimism, but perhaps do a little research on mental illness in order to not seem naive and better support others. Best!

*KICKS DOWN YOUR DOOR* HEY ur a great person ! and im so sorry everything is going awful for u *hugs u* i love u man (no romo) im here for u !!