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"meet me in the parking lot so we can fight"


you already know I can't really sing but if i could I would no doubt sing one of these songs to to you so have this fire mixtape playlist i listen to whenever i think about you,

this is for my boyfriend who always makes my face hurt from smiling too much and always keeps me awake at night. I love his laugh I love how talented he is I love how passionate he can get over the things he enjoys I love how caring he is and always puts others first I love his sense of humor despite it being dark at times I think i can go on forever I sigh sigh i can never say these things out loud rip rip but one day i will

I know this isn't much of a gift but one day on your birthday we'll go on some cute date or whatever you want to do and I'll find a way to spoil you somehow. happy birthday Niro

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