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He'd always known


This is a mix dedicated to Kat and Frosty from the amazing White Rabbit Chronicles series created by Gena Showalter.

7 tracks
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what actor could you picture Kat as? im trying to create an edit for Frosty and her thanks! also do you think you could maybe do a Bronx mix? your mixes are amazing!

@ratchet_microwave WOW well this is LATE by 3 years pretty sure you don't care much for a response xD haha. The actress I pictured as kat was Aimme Teegarden with her brunet hair. but i've seen a couple of fancast from the girl from Bates motel Olivia Cooke and I am kinda liking her now. Also the playlist for Bronx I can try maybe one day, his character wasn't much on my radar but I am re-reading xD... again this is a late replie and I hate myself for not coming on more. x.x