Crystaline Madeline
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skin as white as snow.


because you told me to make tea and spend the day hiding, I am.
mint tea and the virgin suicides to be exact.

its winter, not fall, it was time for another.

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Anti-social means against morally appropriate behaviour while asocial means avoidance of social life. Antisocial behaviour is caused by repression of emotions, bad experiences and negative thinking. Asocial behaviour simply develops as one’s attitude towards life. It could be due to introverted nature (keeping one’s feelings to one’s self), autism, and schizophrenia (delusional psychiatric disorder).

Antisocial behaviour is such that it could hurt the people in the society or have a bad impact on the society. It is harmful and negative behaviour. People who commit murder, rape, steal, hurt animals, exhibit violent behavior, all fall under this category. Basically, they do not feel guilty despite their actions that offending people. They do not have sympathy nor do they respect others. They lack the sense of right or wrong. Their behaviour is committed most often with intent of causing harm to others and in very rare cases it is due to neglect. Since childhood they lack morals that a good human being should possess.

Asocial behaviour is seen in people lacking confidence while meeting new people or being anxious of rejection. They avoid social meetings to such a great extent because they do not want to give people a chance to accept or reject them. They will generally prefer doing things all alone rather than making new friends or relations. It becomes a burden for them to handle any sort of relationships. They will have very few friends or no close friends at all. Due to such behaviour they are criticized and looked upon as subnormal individuals. Also, they tend to do constructive things than be anxious in social gatherings. In autism, this type of behaviour is noticed because they cannot express their feelings and also lack necessary skills for communication. They like routinistic things and do not make eye contact which makes them asocial. In schizophrenia, many people become asocial and keep imagining themselves as strong and confident people as a way to reduce peer pressure. They have delusions and hallucinations which take them away from other individuals. Asocial people have fear of being humiliated and hence they develop anxiety and restlessness in social engagements. Asocialism can be observed in individuals who are depressed. They lack interest in day to day activities or hobbies which once gave them immense happiness.

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