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chicks got proper swag...


Femme Fatale pt2. For the ladies who walk w confidence. just in time for the weekend. Slip into that lil black dress and perfect pumps.

LaRoux, StarSlinger, Lykke Li, Stori, Santigold

25 tracks
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I like this playlist, I dislike when someone says music is "shitty". I disagree with that, there something for everyone tweeaked to their own liking. Even though I hate most of the stuff played on the radio, some people out there lives for it,

I think it's funny how you call this a shitty mix. Instead of listening to it and deciding to comment on it. you should probably try to appreciate good music and if you can't then don't be a dumbass, just leave. no one needs your negative air. I bet it made you feel special to be the first comment though... (means it's probably time for you to get a life)

Btw this is a good mix :)

I called it shitty for a reason, I listened to it and it isn't good music or really music at all for that matter. I actually appreciate quite an eclectic taste in music but this is not my cup of tea. And its not about being negative for the sake of it, If no one disagreed with any one else's opinion they would become obsolete. I didnt know this was the "only give good reviews cause im scared of reality" comments section.

Take your negativity and lack of knowledge of what 'music' is somewhere else. You evidently have a different taste in music, thats fine and I appreciate your opinion. Different sounds for different hounds... but for you to say this isn't music is quite idiotic. I have a broad taste in music- I love instrumentals and acoustics, but electronic is music dude. You don't have to like it but you should educate yourself on what some ppl drop $40,000 and 4 or more years of their lives studying.