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it's not the sin (a 686 fix-it fanmix)


I made this a soundtrack for my post-686 headcanons.

A brief note on song order, as I divided the playlist into blocks per pairing.
1-4: Renji/Rukia
5-8: Ichigo/Orihime
9-12: Uryu/Orihime
13-16: Ichigo/Rukia

And the last song is Ichiruki & Ishihime, as these are the pairings in this mix. The first two blocks are just about exploring problems.

Anyway, enjoy!

17 tracks
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THANK YOU for this. I kinda wanted to cry when I heard about the canon ship situation tbh. I agree wholeheartedly with pretty much everything here and ugh these characters deserved better than the lazy thoughtless 'happily ever after' they got. I also just really liked the approach you took with tackling multiple ships and why some work and some don't. Great job!

@ijustlurkhere Oh wow, thank you so much for you comment! I was just like you tbh when the chapter came out, but the fandom has been truly stellar about dealing with it, which helped. And yes they did deserve so much better, but that's why fanworks are so awesome we can fix the whole nightmare disaster that was 686. Once again, thank you for leaving a comment and I'm really glad you enjoyed the playlist. :D