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2014's Best of Black Metal


2014 was a great year for black metal. Here are 20 of my favorite releases of 2014 in no particular order. Coming at you from all around the world and from all over the black metal spectrum.

Artwork is from Blut Aus Nord's album "Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry".

Other bands to mention include Earth and Pillars and Solbrud

20 tracks
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Celestial Effigy was one of the few good songs on Agalloch's most recent album. Glad to see it on here, and Panopticon too, not many people know about them. Excited to see what else is on here. Blut Aus Nord is another of my favorites. There are a few bands on here I haven't heard of but I am enjoying the songs you put of theirs and will warrant further investigation! Thanks!

@Valkyrie4Hire I agree with you on Agalloch's album. I also however really liked the instrumental "Plateau of Ages" on Celestial Effigy but yeah not as good as their older stuff. Panopticon and Blut Aus Nord are two of my favorites! Thanks for listening.