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Produced by Dj CUTMAN, Spindash features 16 video game remixers spanning diverse styles of dance music, includng future bass, dnb, house, trance and even dubstep.

Old school fans will recognize themes from Genesis-era favourites like Chemical Plant and Ice Cap Zone. The album also features music from more recent Sonic games, including Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Colours.

  • Marble Aesthetics (Marble Zone Remix) by ABSRDST
  • Escape From The City by GRIMECRAFT
  • Dat Egg Tho (Death Egg Zone, Sonic & Knuckles) by Toni Leys ΓL
  • Antifreeze (Sonic: Ice Cap Zone vs. Chemical Plant Zone) [Released on GameChops, see description] by Flexstyle
  • PROW'd (Aquatic Ruin/Ice Cap Zone Remix) by Phonetic Hero
  • Arabian Skies by Spindash
  • Chemixtrixx (VIP Mix) by Sonic 2
  • Unlimited Colors (Planet Wisp) by Tetracase
  • Jo Remix) by Green Hill Step (Green Hill Zone dj
  • Space Boss (out now on GameChops) by Mykah
  • Sonic 1 by Spindash
  • Spindash Trailer Mix by Dj CUTMAN
12 tracks
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