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Ink and Parchment Act 3: Runaways


This is the third of four mixes (Instrumental and Vocal) that I'm making for an amazing story written by The Goddess of Art's (mademoiselleiva) from tumblr you can find her story here at http://fanfiction.nets/8247729/1/Ink-And-Parchment
The cover of this album is done by: her graphics are amazing!
"Are you suggesting we-" "Run?"
Chapters 30-40.

  • Dark Paradise (radio mix) by Lana Del Rey
  • Troy soundtrack by Troy Soundtrack
  • TES V: Skyrim Sovngarde music by Josef Giuseppe Dvořák
  • Counting Bodies Like Sheep by imPerfect Circle
  • Real Full Version -HQ by The Elder Scrolls V- Skyrim Main Theme
  • Man of Steel (trailer music) by Brian David Paul
  • Shattered by Trading Yesterday
  • My Love (Sia) by del.larkin.
  • Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons (Round)
  • Lacrimosa (Mozart) by Víctor Carbajo
  • Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction by IAMX
  • Between the Bars by Elliott Smith
  • Dark Waltz by Rebecca Winckworth
13 tracks
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