I am a lover of music, humor, sarcasm, talking, Doris Day movies, God, family, friends, my animals, people who love me, softies at heart, old people, young people, a person who can dish it as well as they can take it, respect, self-respect, humility, witty conversations, klutziness, baked goods, fiction books that take me somewhere new, traveling, tacky sweaters, arts and crafts, baking, dark chocolate (chocolate in general), fruits and veggies, carnivorous behavior, peanut butter cups, happy beginnings, and life for all.

I am a disliker of arrogance, mathematics, dense people, no sense of humor, pork cured in Spain, betrayal, insults disguised as joking, vegans (I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this one), Dots candy, gross flavored jelly beans, getting up super early if not necessary, sleeping in too late, dictator principals, self-consciousness, lack of conversation, always being politically correct, black licorice, feeling useless, paying too much for something, feeling sick from eating too much, people who think they know how to play a sport when they don't, Twilight fans, people who think the point of drinking alcohol is getting drunk, being told I'm wrong (especially when I know it), lack of life experience, and the phrase FML, even though sometimes I secretly say it in my head.

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