10 comments on Chillin' at Home by Cur8

This list will take you through any "I don't feel lik doing anything, just relax and enjoy what the music world has best to offer" day! Thanks for this great list... Long live to 8 Tracks and all the connaisseurs filling it with lists you would not find else where... espacially on radio!!

You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. I too am a big fan of 8tracks and all of the great music you can find here.

Thanks for dZihan and Kamian! Heard 'em in a couple of your other mixes, too, and am rapidly becoming a fan. The "must-buys" from your mixes alone are gonna wipe out my discretionary income for the foreseeable future. Seriously, thanks!

You're welcome. If you don't already own them, I would start with Greyboy's Land Of The Lost and Freestylin. I've listened to those cds probably 200 to 300 times, I never tire of them. They were also pivotal in shaping my current music tastes. Then K&D's G-Stoned ep, to me that's an iconic cd. Thanks again! I'm glad you're digging my mixes.