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a lack of color

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1. a lack of color - death cab for cutie
"and when i see you / i really see you upside down / but my brain knows better / it picks you up and turns you around"

2. daydream - youth lagoon
"as i walk through the wooded park by the lake / i can't turn the switch off causing my headache / so i'll daydream about you and i'll think happy thoughts"

3. all we are - onerepublic
"i tried to paint you a picture, the colors were all wrong / black and white didn't fit you, and all along / you were shaded with patience, your strokes of everything"

4. yellow - coldplay
"your skin / oh yeah your skin and bones / turn into something beautiful / you know / you know i love you so"

5. the writer - ellie goulding
"why don't you be the artist / and make me out of clay? / why don't you be the writer / and decide the words i say?"

6. eyes as candles - passion pit
"i've painted your patterns but found them attractive / now i've been leaning towards a life far more candid / though lead through the dark with your eyes as my candles / where your life and my life's directions can wrangle"

7. make it gold - ohbijou
"these legs are bricks and rup through sheets / steaming underneath the clothes we wore / now on the floor, it's true // we'll blow this smoke and make it gold"

8. cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant
"you can drive all night / looking for answers in the pouring rain / you wanna find peace of mind / looking for the answer"