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take a walk

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1. bravado - lorde
"it's in your blood stream / a collision of atoms that happens before your eyes / it's a marathon run or a mountain you scale without thinking of size"

2. settle - two door cinema club
"learn to fly / show the world / how you try / but don't let go / until you know / me"

3. run - daughter
"but the fire is coming / so i think we should run / i think we should run, run, run, run"

4. salt skin - ellie goulding
"i've got the salt skin / running to where he is / never going to give in / even with the strength"

5. running - david archuleta
"i'm ready to run forever / i'm holdin it together / cause i'm comin to you"

6. heart skipped a beat - the xx
"heart skipped a beat / and when i caught it you were out of reach / but i'm sure / you've heard it before"

7. recover - chvrches
"and if i recover / will you be my comfort"

8. take a walk - passion pit
"i'm down on both bad knees / i'm just too much a coward to admit when i'm in need / i took a walk"