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Cool Britannia


Back in the 90s I played my tamagotchi, fantasized about Ginger Spice popping out of her Union Jack dress and watched britpop kill off grunge.

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Thanks for not taking offence; I'm autistic and I think I'm not offensive, but I manage to offend people… my school had nuns (main reason I'm so fucked up!). When I was 16, it was the Mary Chain - then along came the Scream - then Madchester happened (I'd left by then). Never a Blur fan - but at least you didn't pick Beetlebum (WTF's a 'beetlebum', anyway…?! Ditto a 'wonderwall'). The Manics were my band of that era, they're probably the only band whose entire back catalogue I have, aside from a few early demos. The odd thing is, I've never seen 'em and, of course I bitterly regret not seeing them in the early days. Music was banned at school (everything was "satanic". I had my Walkman confiscated for using it during prep. The nuns were complete sadists).

it's refreshing to get a comment that isn't just "amazing" or "cool". I like constructive criticism, and it is an annoying kitch song, but it fits into the era (for me) so I had to put it in. I'm seeing JAMC perform Psychocandy in November. it's gonna be a seminal moment for me. yeah, not a huge fan of most bands big singles like Wonderwall or Beetlebum. the album tracks and b-sides are where it's at!
bloody nuns nicking your walkmen. they should go to hell for that! :D

You had to choose the song that made me go right off Catatonia. I've only just recently recovered - and then along comes this, this, *person*, with the ironic moniker of 'cured', and reminds me just what a fecking piece of shite it is… Well, ya've blotted ya copybook, no full house for YOU, matey-dude!

yeah, I don't much like that song (or band) either but it reminds me of being in school at 16, everyone had bad taste and it was played endlessly.

at least the 28 songs before it met with your approval?