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Hannigram is fascinating, complex, and oh so wrong. But you know what would make this ship even better...? If Hannibal and Will were women! Two complicated ladies in love; a serial killer and a criminal profiler. They're partners in a dangerous dance destined to destroy each other. Yet... their chemistry is undeniable. So this fanmix reflects all the best and worst aspects of Fem!Hannigram. And yikes, they are they bad for each other or what!?

21 tracks
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One of the best mixes I've ever listened to! Found about six new songs that I loved enough to download after listening to this, great work.

@Pragnificent Ah! I feel so flattered right now. =)
Thanks for listening to my mix, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I hope you don't mind if I follow you back on tumblr, your blog is pretty neat