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you. it's always you.


i'm not really good with words, especially when it comes to feelings. so that's why i made this mix. but let me tell you this.
whether it's romantically or not, there's just something between these two. maybe it's about to happen, maybe it'll all just going to end in s4, i don't know. either way it's the best fictional thing that's ever happened to me. sherlock means so much more than just a tv series to me. it got me through my worst times, touched my soul in a way i could never possibly imagine, made me feel things i've never felt before. so take this playlist as my open love letter and farewell(?) to the show and johnlock. i'll always carry these feelings deep inside my heart. always. to the very best of times...
also this inspired me a lot:

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These two angsty flubbers will always be in my heart. Regardless of what the show says, they were meant for one another. Thank you for this wonderful playlist.