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i hate ryan so much go away


a playlist for my brother ryan, even though i know he's too metal to listen to indie.<3 ur real cool bro im sorry this took so long

full of existential folk punk and didgeridoos
just 4 u

some of these are actually serious tho

  • Thylicine(2 didgeridoos at the same time) by Wayne Warwick-Williams
  • Arsonist's Lullabye (London Contemporary Voices Cover) by Hozier
  • Do You Want to Die Together? by Stars
  • Shuck by Purity Ring
  • The Horror of our Love (ukulele cover) by suarilicious
  • Quiet Little Voices by We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • One Man Drinking Games by Mayday Parade
  • Walking Disasters (Cover) by The Wombats
  • Dr. Worm (They Might Be Giants cover) by gdrugg2005
9 tracks
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