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On rainy days


Best remakes that are soothing and made me love korean singers more

  • How Am I Supposed to Live Without You (Immortal Song 2) by Moon Myung Jin
  • 인연 by Various Artists
  • 엄마로 산다는 것은 (Life As A Mother) [KPOP Star Season 4 'Life As A Mother'] by Lee Seol Ah (이설아)
  • Mercy by Lee Ha Yi
  • 슬픔만은 아니겠죠 by 문명진
  • 시간아 천천히 KpopStar Season 4 [FULL AUDIO] - YouTube[via Torchbrowser by Lee Jin Ah (이진아)
  • 추억으로 가는 당신 불후의 명곡2.20140208 by leesangbiin
  • Lee Ha Yi by Love
  • I Will Always Love You by Ailee
  • As Time Goes By by As time goes by
  • 니가 있어야 할곳 (Place Where You Need To be) by Katie Kim
  • - (Michael Bolton) - by [HIT] - - - - - 2, - -
  • You In My Arms (그대 내 품에) (Immortal Song 2) by Moon Myung Jin
  • 아파 (It Hurts) [KPOP Star Season 4 TOP10] by Lily M (릴리 M)
  • Missing You Now by 효린(Hyorin)
  • All Of You Everyone Lyrics (romanized Hangul) by Ailee
  • Closer [KPOP Star Season 4 TOP10 Part.2] by Seo Ye Ahn (서예안)
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