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I have thought about soing something german based, but the time...allways the time....
allways great to have you around.....keep on visiting @laly37

u have so many playlist!! and i love this one too..
tell u have a german mix maybe..? i want to make one when i have a little free time :)

I just I had promised, a while ago.
With 2 more tracks, by The Cure and The Cloudroom, to make it an even 10.
Enjoy.... I have a few more to post, but I will hold to them for a while.....

Me too @whatistigerbalm !!!
anyway there are hundred of covers of this fantastic track...but also been hearing somo lousy gregorian chant, or only with babynoises (WTF?!?)....
I´ll try to update soon, with more great cover versions.......