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"Find me the Frenchman. Find me Jacques Mayol."


A challange started by @arsy but inspired to follow by the beautiful mixes and quotes from @kate8 and @skysignals.
So here we go....!!!!

20 tracks
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Thank you so much...this game is little musical game/meme is awesome to discover new tracks.....glad you liked it @MiltonDz

I have been thinking about doing one too, for ages, ever since I heard @stallingsbrown 's version. I thought I had left it a bit too late and everyone was over it by now - you have been my re-inspiration. Thanks!

JUST DO TI! @wayfarer
at fisrt it seems hard, but then you just go with the flow....and it´s a blast!!!
very glad you enjoyed it!!!!

Really good mix - I've thought about having a go at this one but need to think long and hard about it - which is why I haven't got there yet...