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Camp Bisco 101


Mix of EDM artists from the lineup of Camp Bisco 11 (2012), a 3 day festival in upstate New York. Featuring The Disco Biscuits, Zeds Dead, Dillon Francis, and more. The full lineup is bomb, caters to a lot of different genres but theres also a ton of EDM.
Woulda put a Disco Biscuits song in there but I don't have the computer with their music on it, sorry.
Full Bisco mix (with transitions) on YouTube, check it out

15 tracks
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I love your style. I have been a camp goer for a while now. So glad I found this mix. I was at Bisco and this is already helping me continue the experience. I'd love a zip drive of the songs :) I'm so excited for Bisco next year already.

im glad you like it! nothing better to me than sharing music with others =D i can email all this stuff over to you if you'd like, message me your email if thats possible here...this was my first year (never had anyone to go with) and it was the greatest experience of my life. also, shameless self-promotion, but if you liked this you should check out my actual mix on youtube here
let the countdown to next year begin!!! :D

ABsolutely! I have been listening to your mixes non stop since I've been back! Id love to. So excited to chat with another music junkie! Bisco is the greatest, I'm so glad you had a good time.

haha thanks! seriously, you're actually the first person to say that and it means a lot, this is the reason i do it...fuck fame, i just want to spread what is (to me) the best music around. and bisco is most definitely the greatest, blew EDC NY out of the water