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"he saw darkness in his beauty,
he saw beauty in his darkness."

e x i

  • Music box ver by Unravel (Toukyou Ghoul Opening)
    part I;; the introduction
  • Trisha's Lullaby by Senju Akira(Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
    - ellis
  • Johnny Cash Hurt by cash1590
  • Great Vacation by Dirt Poor Robins
  • The Theory Of Everything Soundtrack Epilogue by piano cover
    - ivan
  • I'm Not Like Everybody Else by The Kinks
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  • Princess Andy by Petrojvic Blasting Company
  • Eugen doga by My Sweet and Tender Beast
    part II;; the relationship
  • MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS by Marina and the Diamonds
  • Monster by Mikky Ekko
  • Dream by Imagine Dragons
  • Mowgli's Road by Marina and The Diamonds
  • The Seventh Seal (K9 Sessions) by Spies
  • Coeur De Pirate by Fondu Au Noir
  • Zuko VS Azula by Last Agni Kai
    part IV;; breaking away
  • Mumford and Sons by Broken Crown
  • Iron by WOODKID
  • Daughter by Medicine
  • Mumford&Sons by After The Storm
  • Beyond the Wall by Beyond The Wall
    part V;; uncertain ending
20 tracks
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