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into the woods


"Little girls, this seems to say;
Never stop upon the way
Never trust a stranger friend;
No-one knows where it may end
as you're pretty, so be wise;
wolves may lurk in every guise
now as then, 'tis simple truth;
sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth"

*updated: june 07, 2015

19 tracks
4 comments on into the woods

This is amazing. I can tell we like a lot of the same animes. You included some of my favourites and some I don't know. Thank you! :)

well this is amazing. probably my favourite playlist for now! i really like how soft yet creepy everything sounds. and that russian song in the middle was a super nice surprise, it's always so sweet to accidentally bump into a song in your native languge C: so yeah thank you v much for making this!

@amekori Oh wow, no- thank *you* so so much! I recently heard that song again and in all honesty it was one of the reasons why I made this playlist - it's sooo beautiful! Anyways, thank you for the lovely comment and I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :D