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✝ Indie Wonderland ✝


Gotta love indie✝

some are mainstream, yet still amazing! enjoy, xoxo.

sorry for repeating a few songs from crystal castles & flume, you do not understand my obsession over them.

feel free to email me for anything:

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cyndixie i must agree with many others saying they no longer have to listen to anyone else are only one of 3 i follow..besides that i don't think i am needing anything except maybe my faves.. i am onto making my way thru your playlists..i have listened to about 5 maybe..i am eager for the rest thanks for letting me in on some new music i have not heard of until now ..i love it!

omg, this made me smile so much. i'm so happy someone appreciates & loves my music. you're beyond awesome, no joke. hope you continue to enjoy my mixes, love you and all my followers <3