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This Christmas Feels Like The Very First Christmas To Me


christmas is coming and i can't wait! gosh, don't you just love the holidays?

if any of you are planning on what to do for christmas, go visit the tree in nyc! tomorrow i'll be visiting it with my lovely boyfriend, dine at shake shack, & enjoy the amazing new york city. just can't wait to live there soon!

oldies are the best kind of music, real music. enjoy! xoxo

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This is my favorite Christmas mix !! It's just perfect. I wish I could go to New York, but I live sooo far away. :( Anyway, thank you for this LOVELY mix, I listen to it with my family all the time haha.

aw, you're so cute! thank you lovely (': well, plan it with your family, trust me its worth it! that's so sweet, omg you are so welcome. hope you and your family have the happiest and safest christmas ever, happy holidays! xoxo

I wasn't trying to judge that girl but it was pretty self explanatory how she was trying to attack you along with her pals. Ha, he left her for you? Kind of explains a lot though haha. Just keep your head up lovely, you're beautiful & I out of many 8tracks users, love your original style and taste xx

exactly! finally, someone who isn't stupid. LOL oh yeah, well i don't want to put anyone's business out there but yeah, he was really miserable with her. like REALLY miserable. baby is finally living a happy life and for the first time ever, he is in love, & with me! long story short, she's a lunatic that's out to get me. hopefully she matures and understands the world doesn't revolve around her.

Woah, damn. If i may ask (not trying to be nosy or anything), how long have you love birds been dating? I understand, sometimes you got to do what you got to do, you know? Uh, can we talk about this somewhere else? Facebook, email, or something? Don't like gossiping but I want to give you some advice on this. If her or her buddies see this they'll probably rant on even more haha.