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a series in song
harmonised in lyrics && in sound
sudden genre shift == start of new game

FIRST - electronic/creepy
PAINFUL - indie rock/folk rock
JOYFUL - indie electronic/indie rock

[cover by jcm2]

12 tracks
3 comments on LISA

Better not wake the baby fits so perfectly for Brad. All of the songs are really really well chosen, but the line "use your head like a canon-ball" brought up the images of that one head slide move and I giggled.

@Unicron9999 I'd never heard the song but as I was checking the lyrics to Decemberists songs I was just like... "This is literally about Brad. Like, it even mentions the head slide move" (I love that song now, haha). I'm glad it made you laugh, and thanks for saying the songs were well chosen! I tried. C: