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chill vibes (krnb/soul version)


fall asleep to this, study to this, chill to this! krnb/soul artists (such as: gray, kamo, elo, jinbo, taewan...) and rappers on soul beats

khiphop version coming soon...

*last updated 13th Feb 15

40 tracks
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Blue Lemonade (feat GUGU) (Wu-Tan and Buggy) sounds a lot like Beenzino. Love Beenzino - I'ma have to check out Wu-Tan dn Buggy now.

Yakoke hoke (thank you!) for creating this playlist. Love me some crush & zion.t. The songs by the other artists were great too. Really helped me to get in the right mind frame to chill and get shit done (hah having to do my final major project). Yakoke again for making this playlist! :D