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45-33 episode 1 (Chronos)


Chronos is the first in my weekly mix series featuring 45s played at 33 1/3 speed. In this series, I share the goofy joys of slowing down both timeless classics and time-bound curiosities to yield what are often humorous and sometimes strikingly beautiful results. We'll start off this week with a little tour of the '60s.

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Until I listened to your slowed-down "...Clown," I'd never noticed that chord before the chorus! In general, listening to that at 33 1/3 is like having communion with the holy Motown spirit, itself.

The waves of revulsion that passed through my body while I was trapped in the clutches of "Be True... (33 1/3)" spawned a monstrous transmutation in my psyche: Mike Love's head on Brian's body. The demon maestro rose stepped slowly toward me in the lurid shadows cast by the glaring stadium lights on a Friday night. After it grabbed me and threw me into a bathroom stall, it yanked me up by my hair and pushed my cheek against the cold sweat of the porcelain fixture before me. Each dunk into the vortex of rushing toilet water was followed by blaring interstices of the football pep band reverberating off of the tiled walls of the boys room, keeping time with the pulses of monster's heart -- a pendular march into the school spirit of mankind.