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Collected 2014-Q3


It's a mixed bag of the new and old. The very funny and very serious. And probably the broadest representation of my musical tastes this year. To be honest, I found myself in a bit of a listening slump in the third quarter. To pick favorites, Run the Jewels and Flying Lotus stand out in terms of repeated listens, but I must say I'm rooting for my new local favorites, Gazebos, more than any other. And, I have to give a nod to my pal, djmrsmith, for inspiring two of my picks this quarter.

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Argh! A lengthy comment was deleted! Here's the condensed form: 1) Your writing was the true highlight of this! "Race shame flame." 2) Almost put "DBF" on my own mix - thanks for the heads up. 3) "It's Over," "Never Catch Me," "Sauna," and this installment of the 45-33 are my early faves.